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About Artist:

Amr Attamimi is a Yemeni self-taught artist, born in 1990. He created his first photographic artwork in 2010 when he fell in love with artistic expression through photography and the ability to share it with people locally and online.

Ever since Amr has received unwavering support and encouragement enabling him to liberate his passion and curiosity. Through various stages, he has gone through several explorations in art and developed self-expression through his dreamlike and contemporary style.

In a country where artists often struggle to break through the barriers of tradition, Amr’s art began as a form of escapism and a safe space for his emotions and inner thoughts while drawing inspiration from his personal experience, imagination, and environment. 

His work has been exhibited in Yemen, Emirates, Kuwait, the U.K., and the US. He has been featured in publications including Lemonde, Al-monitor, and others.

Amr moved to London, the U.K. in 2015 where works as a Consultant. He continues his journey of self-discovery and expression of personal identity through art.


2020 Computing (BSc), Birkbeck University, University of London, London, UK
2015 Art management / Contemporary art course, British Council, London, UK
2014 Modern and contemporary art course, CultureLab, Paris, France

Solo Exhibitions:

2014 The Basement Foundation, Sana’a, Yemen
2013 The Basement Foundation, Sana’a, Yemen

Group Exhibitions:

2022 More Than Your Eyes Can See: Contemporary Photography from the Arab World, MEI Art Gallery, Washington, USA
2020 'Arsheef Yemen Exhibition, Anxiety', Sana'a, Yemen
2019 Paddle 8 Auction, Online gallery
2019 EMERGEAST Pop up, Dubai, UAE
2016 EMERGEAST Auction III, Dubai, UAE
2015 Group exhibition, the European Union Embassy, Sana’a, Yemen  


2014 Contemporary Art and Photography – French institute in Yemen


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